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FTA VAA Program
FTA Vehicle Assist and Automation (VAA) Program
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General information
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From 2009-01-01 to 2014-06-30 Funded
Jeff Spencer
Federal Transit Administration

The USDOT FTA has funded two VAA projects:

  • CA-OR Demonstration
  • Minnesota Driver Assist System.

The goals are to demonstrate the technical merit and feasibility of VAA technology applications in transit revenue service and to assess the costs and benefits


Three automated transit vehicle near-term use cases: bus platooning, bus lane assist, and bus precision docking


Anticipated benefits include fewer collisions, greater incident response agility, greater labor productivity, reduced dwell time for fleet productivity, reduced congestion, improved operations and lower liability and maintenance costs.

Related Projects

Related projects


CA-OR Demonstration: Caltrans, PATH, AC Transit, Lane Transit District (LTD); Minnesota Driver Assist System: University of Minnesota, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA)


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