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Vision Inspired Driver Assistance Systems
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General information
Europe EC
From 01/09/2016 to 30/08/2019 Ongoing
Project Coordinator
VRA, the network of automation

European project which aims to develop intelligent driver assistance systems for automated driving.


  • Design of next-gen 720° connected ADAS: advances in sensors, data fusion, machine learning and user feedback provide the capability to better understand driver, vehicle and scene context, facilitating a significant step along the road towards truly semi-autonomous vehicles.
  • VI-DAS will advance in computer vision and machine learning will introduce non-invasive, vision-based sensing capabilities to vehicles and enable contextual driver behavior modelling.
  • Predictions on outcomes in a scene will be created to determine the best reaction to feed to a personalized HMI component that proposes optimal behavior for safety, efficiency and comfort.
  • VI-DAS will employ a cloud platform to improve ADAS sensor and algorithm design and to store and analyse data at a large scale, thus enabling the exploitation of vehicle connectivity and cooperative systems.
  • Address human error analysis by the study of real accidents in order to understand patterns and consequences as an input to the technologies.


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Total cost: € 6.5M / EU Contribution: € 6.225.246

Funded under the call: H2020-MG-2014-2015

Topic: MG-3.6a-2015