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  • ''The catalogue is organised in the following categories:'' | align=center | <small>'''Projects in years'''</small>
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  • |end=2003-05-31 ...ruck platoon will be realized. Typical Platoon maneuvers will be presented in a test track environment. CHAUFFEUR II does not only have technical goals.
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  • .... A secure failure tolerant power train system has not been considered yet in any automobile accident prevention system. To achieve the necessary require ...bjectives of PEIT project were to set up new technologies for power trains in order to create a nearly collision free vehicle. Such a vehicle's power tra
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  • ...countries, with the aim to promote new promising concepts, initiatives and projects from their current niche to a mainstream urban transport policy application ...een practitioners, experts and researchers in the field of urban transport in Europe, involving all different sectors (transport authorities, operators,
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