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Robust and Reliable Environment Sensing and Situation Prediction for

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving

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General information
Europe EC / ECSEL JU
From 2015-06-01 to 2018-06-01 Ongoing
[RobustSENSE official webpage]
Dr. Werner Ritter
[Daimler AG]

RobustSENSE develops a robust and reliable platform for automated driving. This platform addresses the problem that today’s driver assistance systems stop working in harsh environmental conditions like snow, rain or sun-flare.

RobustSENSE enables better system operation by combining several independent subsystems to an integrated and comprehensive solution.

The goal is to implement a robust, adaptable and reliable modular system that is able to react to environmental influences and perception degradations.


The project aims at enhancing the robustness of all sensing methods and algorithms required for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. The project will contribute to enhanced road safety with a more reliable, secure and trustable sensor platform.

  • Reliable for safe operation under all driving conditions.
  • Improving operability by self-diagnosis, adaptation and robustness
  • Trustable on every level of assistance and automated driving systems.


  • RobustSENSE will considerably extend knowledge in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems performance by bringing in the experience of a strong consortium with a long lasting history in this area.
  • The project also embraces the development of the electronic components and systems in the mobility sector, and presents a whole system approach to the problem of robustness and reliability. To achieve that, the project brings together experts from two worlds: digital data and transportation.
  • The knowledge gained from the project will lead toa new generation of electronic components and sensors incorporating self-monitoring and improving reliability and robustness.

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Total cost: € 8.663.008 / EU Contribution: € 3.348.357,55

Funded under the call: ECSEL-2014-1

Topic: ECSEL-01-2014 - ECSEL Key Applications and Essential Technologies (RIA)