Partial Automation for Truck Platooning: Auburn University

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FHWA Auburn University Platoon
Partial Automation for Truck Platooning: Auburn University
General information
Category:US ITS JPO
From 2013-09-19 to 2016-06-20 Funded
Richard Bishop
Auburn University

Test truck platooning, with the goal of saving fuel, increasing safety, and decreasing traffic congestion. The research will take place on the 1.7-mile track at Auburn’s National Center for Asphalt Technology.


  • Analysis of key issues prior to heavy truck CACC market introduction
  • Investigate partial automation – including throttle and braking systems – for two-truck platooning by integrating vehicle-to-vehicle communications and adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Combining the communications system with ACC enables the following truck to travel at a close, yet safe, distance to the truck ahead.
  • Driver Assistive Truck Platooning (DATP), a form of cooperative adaptive cruise control, uses radar for longitudinal sensing, as well as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) to allow vehicle-to-vehicle communication


  • Trucking fleets will benefit from this system by reducing collision-related expenses, fuel costs and emissions.

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The Auburn Team:

  • Dr. David Bevly, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of GPS and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
  • Richard Bishop, consultant responsible for organizing the research team;
  • Alvin Lim, associate professor of computer science and software engineering;
  • Chase Murray and Richard Sesek, assistant professors of industrial and systems engineering;
  • Andrew Shelton, assistant professor of aerospace engineering; and
  • Rod Turochy, associate professor of civil engineering.

Project partners:

  • the American Transportation Research Institute, the research arm of the American Trucking Association;
  • Meritor Wabco, a leading supplier of braking and safety systems;
  • Peloton Technology, the creator of a system combining radar and DSRC communications; and
  • Truck manufacturer Peterbilt Motors Company.

Budget / Funding

N/A / 1.2 m$