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Proactive Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists
General information
Europe EC
From 2015-05-01 to 2018-10-31 Ongoing
Project Coordinator


In the intelligent vehicle domain, a first generation of active pedestrian safety systems, which can perform autonomous emergency braking, has recently culminated in the market introduction as an active pedestrian safety system. The PROSPECT project will significantly improve the effectiveness of active VRU safety systems. This will be achieved by expanding the scope of VRU scenarios and by improving overall system performance.


The overall PROSPECT objective is to provide a better understanding of VRU-related accidents and to develop, demonstrate and test innovative active systems in order to protect vulnerable road users. The project will over an entire spectrum of in-depth accident analysis, naturalistic observations, sensor processing, modelling and situation analysis, human-machine interface (HMI), driver warning and vehicle control, testing equipment, functional tests, user acceptance, and benefit / effectiveness estimation.

  • Better understanding of relevant VRU scenarios
  • Improved VRU sensing and situational analysis
  • Advanced HMI and vehicle control strategies
  • Four vehicle demonstrators, a mobile driving simulator and a realistic bicycle dummy demonstrator
  • Testing in realistic traffic scenarios and user acceptance study


The project will be built on experiences gained with first generation AEB-PED systems currently on the market. Four vehicles will be built to demonstrate the key achievements of this project and to validate the effectiveness of improvements. The demonstrator vehicles will be tested in proving grounds in relevant scenarios using appropriate test equipment.

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Total cost: € 6 931 978,75 / EU contribution: € 6 931 978,75

Funded under the call: H2020-MG-2014 / MG-3.4 – Traffic safety analysis and integrated approach towards the safety of Vulnerable Road Users