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New and Innovative Concepts for Helping European transport

Sustainability - Towards Implementation

General information
Europe EC
From 01-05-2008 to 30-04-2011 Completed
[1] Niches homepage
Project Coordinator

The project aims to network actors engaged in developing innovative urban transport concepts. This proposal is related to a previous and successful NICHES project, with similar objectives but different topics. Both projects shared the mission to stimulate a debate on innovative urban transport between stakeholders from different sectors, to promote the most promising new concepts from their current niche position to a mainstream urban transport application.


Some of the objectives of NICHES+ are:

  • Exploring innovative urban transport concepts, which are high on the European and local agenda; while also looking into the needs of the potential users and implementers. Concepts to increase accessibility to urban mobility options, concepts to increase the use and efficiency of the infrastructures and interchanges, concepts to exploit functionalities of urban traffic management centers, concepts for automated and space efficient transport.
  • It will also collect information and encourage networking by gathering urban transport experts in Working Group meetings. The selected concepts will be looked at in terms of their transferability to ensure wider replication.
  • The project will develop policy notes for decision makers, implementation scenarios for selected cities and site visit programmes to promote the concepts.


Project researchers worked with local and regional authorities to develop implementation scenarios for introducing innovative concepts to existing policies of urban transport. Emphasis was placed on four topical themes and corresponding innovative concepts: increased accessibility to urban mobility options, increased use and efficiency of infrastructure and interchanges, exploiting functionalities of urban traffic management centres, and automated and space-efficient transport. A working group of experts was set up in each thematic area to share expertise and facilitate networking activities.

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Budget / Funding

Total cost: € 1.237.078 / EU contribution: € 1.237.078

Funded under the call: FP7-SST-2007-RTD-1

Topic: SST-2007-3.1-01 - New Mobility Concepts for Passengers Ensuring Accessibility for All / SST-2007-3.1-02 - Intelligent Mobility Systems and Multi-modal Interfaces for Transport of Passengers