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Welcome to the CARTRE Wiki,
the online catalogue of Vehicle and Road Automation activities that anyone can edit!
113 articles and 1,842 edits by 26 registered contributors.

This wiki intends to be a resource for anyone interested in Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility, their organisation, their set up and their results. We strongly encourage you to contribute to this online resource.

Experiencing problems using the wiki? Check the help page.

This WIKI was developed with the support of the CARTRE project and it is supported by the EU-funded project CARTRE.

CARTRE is a Coordination and Support Action to accelerate development and deployment of automated road transport by increasing market and policy certainties. The CARTRE project will run for two years and aims to establish a joint stakeholders forum in order to coordinate and harmonise automated road transport approaches at European (e.g. strategic alignment of national action plans for automated driving) and international level (in particular with the US and Japan).

Visit the CARTRE website:

This month's activity: CityMobil2


CityMobil2 is setting up a pilot platform for automated road transport systems, which will be implemented in several urban environments across Europe.

CityMobil2 started in September 2012 and will run for 4 years and has 45 partners drawn from system suppliers, city authorities (and local partners), the research community and networking organisations. More information on: CityMobil2 website

The Activity Catalogue

With the aim to involve all experts, VRA has created a Activity Catalogue to which everyone can contribute. It is an online list of past and present activities in the field of Vehicle and Road Automation for anyone interested in the topic. Key information about various past, current and planned activities in Europe, US and the region Japan are provided. Everyone can help us to build the Activity Catalogue by listing or enriching information about a specific activity in Vehicle and Road Automation!

If your Activity is not listed and you would like to add a page, please use the template

You can copy the code and headings and create a new Activity page based on the defined template.