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Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network
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General information
Europe EC
From 2016/09/01 to 2019/08/31 Ongoing
Project Coordinator
VRA, the network of automation

The project will develop infrastructure assisted algorithms for the management of automated vehicles, which connect and extend vehicle systems for trajectory and maneuver planning. Simultaneously these algorithms will yield substantial better utilization of infrastructure capacity, reduction of vehicle delay and emission, while ensuring traffic safety.


The MAVEN project will build a system prototype for both field tests and impact assessment, contribute to the development of enabling technologies, and develop ADAS techniques for protection of special category road users. Additionally, MAVEN will include a user assessment and the development of a roadmap for the introduction of vehicle-road automation to support road authorities in understanding changes in their role and the tasks of traffic management systems. Finally, MAVEN will white paper on ‘management of automated vehicles in a smart city environment’ will be written to position the MAVEN results in the broader perspective of passenger transport in smart / future cities and to embed them with smart city principles and technologies as well as service delivery.


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Total cost: € 3.149.661,25 / EU Contribution: € 3.149.661,25

Funded under the call: H2020-MG-2014-2015

Topic: MG-3.6a-2015 - Safe and connected automation in road transport