Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies

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Project 20-102
Creating Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated

Vehicles on State and Local Transportation Agencies

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General information
From 2015 to 2016 Ongoing
Project Coordinator
VRA, the network of automation

NCHRP Project 20-24(98) has developed a draft research roadmap for addressing CV/AV issues. The panel for NCHRP Project 20-102 is responsible for maintaining this roadmap and will be selecting tasks from it to carry out. Tasks may be rescoped, added, or deleted from the roadmap at the discretion of the panel. Tasks currently underway are listed at the bottom of this page and the NCHRP 20-102 panel will be meeting in July 2015 to select additional projects.


The objectives of NCHRP Project 20-102 are to:

  • Identify critical issues associated with connected vehicles and automated vehicles that state and local transportation agencies and AASHTO will face,
  • Conduct research to address those issues,
  • Conduct related technology transfer and information exchange activities.


Four task-order contracts have been executed. The following tasks are implemented under the Project 20-102:

  • 20-102(01) Policy and Planning Actions to Internalize Societal Impacts of CV and AV Systems into Market Decisions
  • 20-102(02) Impacts of Regulations and Policies on CV and AV Technology Introduction in Transit Operations
  • 20-102(03) Challenges to CV and AV Application in Truck Freight Operations
  • 20-102(05) Strategic Communications Plan for NCHRP Project 20-102
  • 20-102(06) Road Markings for Machine Vision
  • 20-102(07) Implications of Automation for Motor Vehicle Codes
  • 20-102(08) Dedicating Lanes for Priority or Exclusive Use by CVs and AVs
  • 20-102(09) Providing Support to the Introduction of CV/AV Impacts into Regional Transportation Planning and Modeling Tools

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