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iMobility Automation Working Group
General information
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From 2012-03-01 to N/A In Progress
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Joakim Svensson

WG acts as a forum for understanding the current state of automation, explores and promotes the potential of automation and applications for intelligent and sustainable mobility. WG is developing two automation roadmaps--urban and intercity.


  • Objectives of the Automation WG are to:
    • Act as a forum for understanding the current state of automation
    • Explore and promote the potential of automation and applications for intelligent and sustainable mobility
    • Providing a clear direction for the challenges of the future
  • Developing automation roadmaps, considering range of automation from driving assistance to autonomous vehicles
  • Provides input to EU-JPN-US tri-lateral working group

To achieve these objectives, the Working Group will:

  • Define the roadmap for deployment of automation in road transport and the associated alignment with relevant stakeholder interests;
  • Maintain and update a comprehensive repository of the actual developments in the field of automation for road transport;
  • Act as a platform to reach cross-sector agreement on issues relating to technology development and integration, standardization and the use of applications coming from increased automation at vehicular level;
  • Act as a liaison between other relevant Working Groups within the iMobility Forum, research projects, international developments and other initiatives;
  • Provide advice to the European Commission on Automation issues for mobility;
  • Identify requirements for new work items, handled, for example, by of sub-working groups, of the Forum, research initiatives, standardisation bodies, etc.;
  • Organize an annual Workshop to discuss the findings and gather input from the stakeholders.

The Working Group on Automation in Road Transport focusses on 6 main topics:

  • Human Factors
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Roadworthiness testing
  • Evaluation & benefits
  • Decision & control algorithms

These are connected by specific deployment paths towards 3 explanatory uses cases.

These use cases are explanatory in order to give some context to the research topics:

  • highway truck platooning
  • highway autopilot
  • intelligent intersection control


  • Two roadmaps, urban and interurban
  • Use cases that lay out scenario, function, automation level, benefits, and value proposition for automated systems (e.g., intersection assistance)
  • Detailed description and recommendations on relevant needs for R&D and large-scale piloting

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