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Cloud - LSVA
Cloud Large Scale Video Analysis
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General information
Europe EC
From 2016-01-01 to 2018-12-31 Ongoing
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Project Coordinator
VRA, the network of automation

The project aims to develop a software platform for efficient and collaborative semiautomatic labelling and exploitation of large-scale video data solving existing needs for ADAS and Digital Cartography industries.


Cloud-LSVA will create Big Data Technologies to address the open problem of a lack of software tools, and hardware platforms, to annotate petabyte scale video datasets with the focus on the automotive industry.


Providing the Cloud computing will establish a sustainable basis to drive forward automotive Big Data Technologies. Furthermore, the computer is set to become the central hub of a connected car and this provides the opportunity to investigate how these Big Data Technologies can be scaled to perform lightweight analysis on board, with results sent back to a Cloud Crowdsourcing platform, further reducing the complexity of the challenge faced by the Industry. Car manufacturers can then in turn cyclically update the ADAS and Mapping software on the vehicle benefiting the consumer.

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Total Cost: € 4.604.431,25 / EU Contribution: € 4.604.431,25

Funded under the call: H2020-ICT-2015

Topic: ICT-16-2015 - Big Data Research