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Cities Demonstrating Automated Road Passenger Transport
General information
Europe EC DG RTD
From 2012-09-01 to 2016-08-31 Completed
Adriano Alessandrini
Centro di Ricerca sul Trasporto e la Logistica

Sapienza University of Rome - CTL - ITCTL - UniRoma

Implementation studies and demonstration of automated road transport system (ARTS) at five European sites and study of relevant legal, technical, and socioeconomic issues.


CityMobil2 is setting up a pilot platform for automated road transport systems, which will be implemented in several urban environments across Europe. Automated transport systems are made up of vehicles operating without a driver in collective mode. They are deemed to play a useful role in the transport mix as they can supply a good transport service (individual or collective) in areas of low or dispersed demand complementing the main public transport network. A dozen local authorities or equivalent sites are in the bidding to be one of the five sites to host a 6-month demonstration. All recognise the potential of vehicle automation as part of their public transport network. Two sets of six vehicles each for the demonstrations will be supplied by two of the five manufacturers within the project. The project will procure the vehicles and make them available to the selected pilot sites for the duration of the demonstrations. The main keypoints of the project are the following:

  • Implementation studies for automated urban road transport systems in 12 cities; 5 will host demonstrations, 5 will host showcases
  • Other tasks include:
    • Definition of common technical specifications to guarantee interoperability and safety
    • Includes definition of the European legal framework to certify automated transport systems (WP26)
    • Socio-economic assessment of wider economic effect of automated transport uptake


CityMobil2 outcomes can be summarised as follows:

  • An automated road transport service running for at least six months at five sites across Europe
  • Guidelines to design and implement an automated transport system
  • Improved understand of the interaction between automated vehicles and other road users
  • A legal framework proposal for certifying automated road transport systems in Europe
  • Showcases at numerous sites across Europe
  • Technical specifications for interoperable automated road transport systems, including a communications architecture

2 manufacturers were involved in the activities (Robosoft and EasyMile)

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Consortium includes significant public sector, private sector and academic participation (45 partners including 12 cities and 5 manufacturers) Partners link:

Budget / Funding

Total cost:€ 15.286.789,52 / EU Contribution:€ 9.500.000

Funded under the call: FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1

Topic: SST.2012.3.1-4. - Automated Urban Vehicles


Demonstration; legal; interoperability; urban; shared mobility; communications; technical specifications;