Chauffeur II

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Chauffeur II
General information
Category:Europe EC
From 2000-01-01 to 2003-05-31 Completed
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As a continuation of the CHAUFFEUR I project of the Telematics Application Programme, CHAUFFEUR II has two general aims. Firstly, the tow-bar technology demonstrated in CHAUFFEUR I will be further developed into a system that can be transformed into a saleable product quite soon. At the end of CHAUFFEUR II, there will be a "CHAUFFEUR Assistant”, which supports the driver and allows him/her to follow another vehicle, not only CHAUFFEUR equipped trucks, at a safe distance. Secondly, CHAUFFEUR II looks into the future. A fully operable truck platoon will be realized. Typical Platoon maneuvers will be presented in a test track environment. CHAUFFEUR II does not only have technical goals. An important part of the project will be system evaluation on a theoretical and a practical level. Especially cost/benefit analysis and user trials and workshops need to be mentioned.


CHAUFFEUR technical goals:

  • Develop inter-operable system functions that allow following of any other vehicle at a safe following distance and reduce drivers' workload
  • Develop lane-keeping function for the trucks and obstacle detection and collision avoidance features
  • Realise truck platooning function
  • Develop communication concept for platoon inter-vehicle communication
  • Develop safety concept for platoon operation
  • Demonstrate truck platoon on a test truck
  • Demonstrate/evaluate system functions in a test truck environment and real life situations


In general, the CHAUFFEUR II project has proven the technical and operational feasibility of CHAUFFEUR Assistant and Platooning. Five prototype vehicles have been constructed, that do successfully perform the applications, which were defined in the beginning of the project.

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Budget / Funding

Total cost: € 9.999.999 / EU Contribution: € 4.999.998

Funded under the call: FP5-IST

Topic: 1.1.2.-1.6.2 - Systems for Intelligent Vehicles