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Cooperative dynamic forMation of Platoons for sAfe and

eNergy-optImized gOods transportationN

General information
Category:Europe EC DG CONNECT
From 2013-10-01 to 2016-09-30 Completed
Magnus Adolson

Project objects are to develop and validate off-board and onboard systems for coordinated platooning, research potential legal solutions and standards to advance platooning adoption, and demonstrate of platooning operations on European roads.


  • Development and validation of a default tolerant, scalable off-board decision making system to determine the optimal coordination of platoons, under current infrastructure state, in order to improve the energy effectiveness and safety of road transportations system.
  • Development and validation of a fault tolerant, scalable on-board system for coordinated heavy-duty platooning
  • Development and validation of multimodal, in-vehicle and coordination centre user interfaces to safely and effectively inform and interact with platooning drivers and transport planners.
  • Identification of standardization and legislative gaps and the proposal of legal solutions and new technological standards to advance the large-scale adoption of platooning technologies.
  • The demonstration of platooning operations on European roads in multiple countries.


The project focuses on developing and demonstrating co-operative mobility technologies for supervised vehicle platooning. The project will have a multi-dimensional impact on end-users acceptance, improved fuel efficiency, safety for goods transport as well as social and environmental benefits. Moreover the wide focus of the COMPANION project will generate a first class concept to guide policy makers and standardization bodies to update legislation and develop standardization of coordinated driving of heavy-duty vehicles (platooning).

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Consortium includes S&t, OFFIS, Cerezuela, IDIADA, KTH, Volkswagen, Scania CV AB

Budget / Funding

Total cost: € 5.345.698 / EU Contribution: € 3.397.755

Funded under the call: FP7-ICT-2013-10

Topic: ICT-2013.6.5 - Co-operative Mobility