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Automatisation Basse Vitesse/ Low Speed Automation
General information
Category:France French National Research Agency (ANR)
From N/A to 05/13 Completed
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Sebastien Glaser

The aim of the project is to develop a safe and efficient solution through HAD to improve mobility at low speed on safe road:

  • HAD : several possibilities are offered to the driver, up to the full automation of the vehicle
  • Low speed : the system is fully active up to 50km/h and help the driver if the speed is higher
  • Safe road : a road that has a given QoS and allow a robust detection

Then, the ABV project targets the urban and peri-urban highway that are prone to traffic jams. The driver, on these roads, can give the full driving task to the automation. The project aims to integrate scientific and technical developments (perception, data fusion, path planning, vehicle control, driver interaction) within two prototypes from IFSTTAR and INRIA. The project also studies the societal impact with two tasks related with legal issues and evaluation of the impact of the system on traffic and consumption.



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Budget / Funding

The budget is 5.5M€ and the fund from National Research Agency (ANR) is 2.2M€.