VRA Webinar 9 – Impact assessments for Automated Road Systems: results from the project CityMobil2

02 December 2016
13:30- 14:30 Brussels time (CET)


  • Satu Innamaa, VTT
  • Mike McDonald, University of Southampton
  • Carlo Sessa, Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems


  • Adriano Alessandrini, CityMobil2 project coordinator

The presentations from the Webinar are now available:

  1. VRA Introduction – Davide Brizzolara (ERTICO-ITS Europe)
  2. A framework for the impact assessment: international cooperation – Satu Innamaa (VTT)
  3. Presentation of CityMobil2 – Davide Brizzolara (ERTICO-ITS Europe)
  4. CityMobil2 Long Term impact foresight – Carlo Sessa (ISINNOVA)
  5. CityMobil2 long term expectations – Mike McDonald (TRG)

View the recording of the Webinar  available on the YouTube channel:

The Webinar presented the CityMobil2 evaluation results and will put these results in the perspective of a more general evaluation framework for automated road transport projects which is being developed at international level.

Adriano Alessandrini, CityMobil2 project coordinator and VRA WP3.7 “Evaluation of Benefits” leader, moderated the interventions of Mike McDonald, CityMobil2 evaluation leader, Carlo Sessa, CityMobil2 long term impact forecasting leader, and  Satu Innamaa, co-chair of the trilateral working group US-EU-Japan on the impact assessment of automated.

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