VRA Webinar 3 – “Automation @ ITS European Congress: main feedback and highlights”

Friday (20/06/2014)  16:00 – 17:00

The speakers (Dr. Maxime Flament, ERTICO ITS-Europe and Dr. Lytrivis Panagiotis, ICCS) ) provided an overview of the main topics on Automation discussed during the Congress highlighting the main outcomes of the different initiatives.

The speakers shared their views and provide their feedback on the experience at the Congress. They illustrated the following topics considering the discussions during the different Congress Initiatives:

  • Automation@ITS Helsinki overview and First feedback
  • Main topics (Deployment paths, Regulatory needs, Connectivity, Test and validation, Human Factors, Digital Infrastructure)
  • International Programmes
  • Future events for automation

The slides of the presentation are available here: 2014-04-25_VRA_Automation@ITS_European_Congress v02

The video of the presentation is available on the VRA youtube channel: click here


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