VRA Webinar 2 : “Driver Assisted Truck Platooning”

Evaluation, Testing, and Stakeholder Engagement for Near Term Deployment

Friday (25/04/2014) 16:00-17:00

More than 70 participants for the first VRA Webinar on “Driver Assisted Truck Platooning”!

Speaker: Richard Bishop (Bishop Consulting)*
Moderator: Dr. Maxime Flament (ERTICO – ITS Europe)

The presentations from the Webinar are now available:

1 –  VRA_Support_Action_Vehicle_and_Road_Automation (by Maxime Flament)

2 –  Driver_Assisted_Truck_Platooning_DATP_FHWA-Auburn (by Richard Bishop)

View the video of the Webinar  available on the VRA Youtube channel:

1- VRA Network in automation presentation (by Maxime Flament)

2 – Driver Assisted Truck Platooning (by Richard Bishop)

Driver Assisted Truck Platooning (DATP), enabled by V2V Communications, offers substantial fuel economy and safety benefits for long haul trucking by enabling small inter-vehicle gaps under automatic longitudinal control.  A project started in 2013 under the FHWA Exploratory Advanced Research program has funded Auburn University to investigate not only technical performance, but also the practical aspects of integrating this type of system into a modern trucking operation.  This Webinar provided an overview of the project, results to date, and future plans.  The project itself focuses on testing of prototype’s on Auburn’s test track as well as public roads, to assess technical performance as well as driver acceptance.  Additionally, business and operational analyses will be  conducted re integrating DATP into fleet operations, which will be reviewed by an industry panel.  Results to date show promising fuel economy gains, and stakeholder outreach has provided initial perspectives via a survey of fleet operators and drivers.  Future plans include finalizing a Concept of Operations and System Requirements, as well as a business case analysis.  Additional partners are Peloton, Peterbilt Trucks, Meritor-Wabco,  and the American Transportation Research Institute (the research arm of the American Trucking Association).

* Richard Bishop is a team member of the project “Partial Automation for Truck Platooning” supported by the FHWA Exploratory Advanced Research program.

More information on the project is available on the VRA Wiki.

Bishop Consulting focuses on the big picture and connects the right people together.  Mr. Bishop specializes in the domain of intelligent, connected, and automated vehicles and how these interact with the roadway and transportation system. He provides global trends analysis and research strategy development to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, technology developers, and government agencies around the world.  He currently serves as Vehicle Automation Expert for the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, plus supports USDOT’s involvement in the Tri-Lateral Working Group on Road Vehicle Automation.  He was recently named chair of the American Trucking Association’s Task Force on Automated Connected Trucking.

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