VRA Webinar 1: “Long Term Socio-Economic Effects of Mobility Automation in Cities”

Friday (28/03/2014) 14:30-15:30

More than 100 participants for the first VRA Webinar on “Long term socioeconomic effect of mobility automation in cities”!

Dr. Adriano Alessandrini (Citymobil2 project Coordinator) with the moderation of Dr. Maxime Flament (VRA Network Coordinator) shared his view on:
– How will the urban ecosystem change once the road vehicles will drive themselves?
– What will be the impact of these changes on industry, citizens and urban life-style?

The presentations from the Webinar are now available:
1 –  VRA_Support_Action_Vehicle_and_Road_Automation (by Maxime Flament)
2 – Long term socio-economic effect of mobility automation in cities (by Adriano Alessandrini)

View the  video of the Webinar  available on the VRA Youtube channel: CLICK HERE 

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