VRA @ 21st ITS World Congress 2014, Detroit

VRA has participated in and organised multiple sessions at the 21st ITS World Congress in Detroit, 7-11 September 2014.

SIS20-Is There Vehicle Automation without Accurate Maps?

Non-withstanding the investment needed on the roads, a shift towards a digital “road infrastructure” is needed including strong cooperation between the vehicles and the infrastructure to collect, update and correct changes to the physical reality.The panelists will shared their thoughts about the relevance of the “Digital Infrastructure” for the future of vehicle automation.

SIS 31 – Liability Issues For The Connected And Autonomous Vehicle

This session addressed concerns for both the private and public sector from the perspective of automotive-related liability precedents as well as potentially analogous examples from other transportation sectors.

SIS 35 – Human Factor Challenges of Vehicle Automation

This session is proposed jointly on behalf of the European iMobility group on Vehicle Automation and the Vehicle Road Automation (VRA) project. The session reported on the achievements of the above initiatives, with particular emphasis on the discussions around the human factor challenges of automated vehicles. The session also disseminated results from a number of recently completed projects in EU, U.S. and Japan, on human factors of automated driving, as outlined below.

SIS53 – Evaluation of Costs and Benefits of Cooperative Systems and Automation Applications

This session shared findings from the ongoing U.S. DOT ITS JPO Connected Vehicle-related program evaluations and benefit-cost assessments, and from similar efforts being conducted by our EU and Japanese counterparts, as well as joint international efforts. Specific topics included various evaluation types, approaches to estimating costs and benefits, challenges involved in estimation along with mitigation strategies, methods for evaluation of effectiveness, and tools to harmonize costs and benefits from different implementations.

The proceedings of the Congress are available here.

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