Trilateral WG meeting + Automation WG (08/05/2014)

Herewith the agenda, minutes and presentation of the Trilateral WG meeting + Automation WG held in Antwerp (08/05/2014).

Agenda: 20140507-08 AWG WS Final Agenda

Minutes: 20140508_Workshop_WG_Automation_Trilateral_minutes

Short Summary: 20140507-08_Workshop_WG_Automation_summary


01 – Status of U.S. Digital Infrastructure
(Carl K. Andersen, Federal Highway Administration)
01-iMobility – Digital Infrastructure (Andersen)

02 –  WG Automation in Road Transport
(Stephane Dreher, HERE & Maxime Flament, ERTICO)
02-iMF_Trilateral_AWG_Digital Infrastructure_20140508

03 –  Challenge Bibendum Michelin
(Antoine Feral, Public Affairs)
03-MCB VRA iMobility MAY 2014

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