Trilateral EU-US-Japan WG on Automation in Road Transportation – Meeting 17 April 2016

The Trilateral WG on Automation in Road Transport (ART) met in the spring of 2016 on 17 April, prior to the TRA conference taking place in Warsaw.

The meeting started off with updates from the three regions: Japan focusing on SIP-adus activities from the prior year and plans for the current one; US giving a brief update on projects and information updates from the NHTSA and Europe presenting progress in EU-projects, the Dutch EU presidency, and updates from a handful of member states.

The afternoon session gave place to more interactive discussion on topics for co-operation such as: impact assessment, digital infrastructure, human factors, road worthiness and cyber security.

Among others, the working group had extensive discussion on various topics including the integration of past projects’ results in the co-operation area of impact assessment, the need for a more precise and concrete definition of digital infrastructure, and defining the action  points of co-operation within the road worthiness topic.

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