Report on the VRA – iMobility Forum meeting, 29 January 2016

An update on the meeting of the VRA – iMobility Forum Automation Working Group held on 29 January 2016. Key items on the agenda included: a status update of the WG, European networking activities, status of international cooperation, and followup of activities regarding a White Paper. Have a look at the detailed summary below.

International Cooperation

Maxime Flament reported briefly on the main points discussed during the previous Trilateral ART WG. Referring to the topic of impact assessment, Maxime illustrates the framework that has been produced by the USA. The large scale framework for collaboration has been accepted and Europe should contribute to it. Some attention should be given to the following sub-Working Group: Roadworthiness Testing and Digital Infrastructure. The discussion on Digital Infrastructure can be supported by ERT/HERE. Alvaro Arrue will support the discussion on Roadworthiness Testing (he will be present at TRA)

Emerging areas of discussions are Connectivity and Cyber security (one hour to discuss this point should be allocated during the next meeting). The reference European person for Cybersecurity is to be decided.

Some off the USA main activities were presented: 3 large scale C-ITS pilots and SMARTCITY.

European Networking for the following months

Workshops and conf calls to support the activity of the different working groups will be organised

The iMobilityForum Automation WG has a good momentum and it is supported by the VRA project.

Feedback from the reviewers on the 2nd period of the activity of the project.

Some corrective actions are discussed (e.g. final deliverables of WP3 need to focus on the results and content of the WP3.x topics not on the methodology to reach the results).

Follow-up of the activities related the White Paper on Automation summarising achievements and recommendations for the different Working Groups.

For additional information contact:

Davide Brizzolara – d [dot] brizzolara aŧ mail [ dot ] ertico [ dot ] com

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