ITFVHA – International Task Force on Vehicle and Road Automation – 2014

The ITFVHA was held in conjunction with the ITS World Congress in Detroit. The meeting was organised in different session on the following main topics:

– Session 1: Industry perspectives on Vehicle Automation (e.g. the activity of Volvo Trucks on Automation and the project DRIVE-ME)

– Session 2: Government perspectives on Vehicle Automation, focused on the Japanese MLIT Program Updat, the Automated Driving Developments in France and the USDOT Vehicle Automation Strategic Plan and FHWA Automation Research

– Session 3: “What’s happening now”, focusing on the on-going activities on automation in road transport (e.g. EC funded projects)

– Session 4: New development (e.g. the Milton Keynes Automation Project Overview).

Several participants from the European Union, VRA partners, participated to the ITFVHA by giving the following presentations:

–  “Overview and current status of the AdaptIvE project, by Dr. Adrian Zlocki, who presented the challenges, objectives and concept of the project. In particular he focused on the activity on evaluation and described to the audience the current status
of the project.

– “CityMobil2 Updates”, by Adriano Alessandrini (CTL), who presented the main research aspects addressed by the project and the demonstrators that have been deployed in several cities in Europe.

–  “Overview of the project iGame”, by Andrés Aparicio (IDIADA), focusing on the aim of the project and on the different proposed scenario, such as Merging on highway and mixed traffic intersection.

– “VRA: Support action for Vehicle and Road Automation”, by Maxime Flament (ERTICO – ITS Europe), who presented the objectives of the project and the rule of VRA as facilitator for the collaboration between national and EU-funded activities.

For the presentations and the minutes of the ITFVHA please contact the organiser Richard Bishop (


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