Automation in the focus of Horizon, the EU Research and Innovation magazine

Automation has been in the focus of several articles published in the course of June in the EU Research and Innovation magazine, Horizon .

In the article  “Driverless taxis to become a major form of transport ‘in 10 years'” , Maxime Flament, project co-ordinator of VRA assesses the benefits that automation can provide for cities in Europe with the example of the CityMobil2 project. Read the full article here.

Several running projects and activities were mentioned in an article titled “Honey, let the car drive: tech getting ready to take the wheel,”assessing the oevrall pciture on automation deplyoemnt in Europe today. Jonas Didoff, a senior project manager for the research institute Viktoria Swedish ICT goes in depth on the challenge and outcomes of the Grand Cooperative Drivign Challenge, but the works and results of projects such as CityMobil2, AdaptIVe and SARTRE are all praised for their role in bringing automation a step closer in Europe. Click through to read the full article.

Natasha Merat University of Leeds (VRA partner) was interviewed in the piece “EU‐US talks to show the road ahead for automated vehicles” highlighting the critical importance of international collaboration, specifically between the US and Europe in deploying automated vehicles and the future tasks that lay ahead.  The article si abed on the discussions and collaboration witnessed during the EU-US symposium on road automation that took place earlier in the year in April.  Read the entire article here.

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