11th Automation Working Group meeting, 24 January 2014

Herewith the agenda, minutes and presentation of the 11th Automation Working Group meeting (ERTICO – ITS Europe, Brussels – 24 January 2014)

Agenda: iMobility Working group Automation Agenda 24012014
Minutes: 20140124_iMobility_Forum_Automation_Minutes_public


1. iMobility forum WG (Automation in Road Transport) by Joakim Svensson and Maarten Oonk

2. iMobility forum WG (Automation in Road Transport) working plan 2014
02_iMobility Forum WG AUT 2014

3. Update on Trilateral WG on Automation, by Maarten Oonk
03_VRA update AWG + Tri-lateral



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