One of the objectives of VRA is to support the iMobility Forum Automation WG and extend its role as a European concertation body for the European activities on the topic and to help reaching common European positions expressed in position papers (eventually becoming ERTICO thematic papers).

European concertation, which is a mechanism that the EC DG CONNECT has initiated, consists of a series of meetings with the main partners of the projects relevant to a topic. WP2.2 will take up the task of bringing the active European VRA actors around the table, initiate synergies and reach common positions. WP2.2 proposes to use the synergy with the existing iMobility Forum Automation WG to create a central meeting point for the concertation mechanism. All parties from EC-funded projects and other national activities will be invited to the concertation meetings which will take place in conjunction with the Automation WG meetings. The outcome of the discussion should be consolidated in roadmaps and when appropriate position papers.

In addition to the discussion groups already planned, VRA may support the Automation WG by initiating additional sub-working groups. WP2.2 will be led by VOLVO, the co-chair of the Automation WG, supported by ERTICO.

VRA supports the Automation WG by:
  • Planning relevant discussions and organise regular Automation WG meetings and wider concertation meetings
  • Consulting stakeholders and identify eventual barriers to deployment
  • Maintaining a road map for Vehicle and Road Automation
  • Consolidating discussions in position papers
VRA act as a think tank for the project gathering the European stakeholders around the topic of Vehicle and Road Automation. The discussions should bring people together on agreed positions and increase their willingness to solve problems together in a collaborative way. Barriers identified should be reported to WP3 where deployment options should be discussed.

Each meeting will be documented by a public report and all presentations.

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