Over the past years, many VRA initiatives have emerged in different regions of the world. A network of international experts and stakeholders will be formalised based on the partners’ contacts and EU-US-JPN formal collaboration.

VRA International Cooperation activities rely on the partners within the network in order to extend rapidly the list of VRA contacts. VRA is liaising with and promoting worldwide on-going International, European and National research activities.

The VRA International Cooperation activities conduct the following tasks:
  • Establish a dialogue with main international actors (EC, US DoT, MLIT)
  • Engage with other regions (US, JPN, China, Australia, others) to co-organise international meetings
  • Agree on common issues to be addressed at international level
  • Maintain a regular exchange of information informing on each other’s progress with regard to common issues
  • Participate to main international activities in the framework of the EU-US-JPN collaboration on automation
In practice, the main output of the VRA International Cooperation activities is the planning and organisation of three international VRA meetings in addition to the ones organised by the US and JPN. The international VRA meetings will consist of information exchange update of recent findings and formulate the needs for further steps and research. Round table discussions on common issues will be organised feeding the WP3 discussions. The meetings will most likely be organised over two or three days. Whenever possible, the VRA international activities will be organised in conjunction with other related projects. For example, a liaison with the Adaptive Integrated Project is foreseen in order to optimise resources and gather international experts at the same time. Moreover, if another region organises a large event, VRA could decide to co-organise the meeting in the limit of the resources available.

An example could be the 2016 ITS World congress in Melbourne where a demonstration of automated vehicles is announced. The VRA International Cooperation activities will rely on the outcome of Automation WG and the European concertation meetings. Issues brought at international level will be discussed in smaller groups in Europe from which agreed positions will emerge.

The VRA International Cooperation activities are led by TNO with the strong support of ERTICO. All VRA partners are involved in this task as this is a core activity to support the EU-US Agreement as well as the EU-JPN MoC.
Each meeting will be documented by a public report and all presentations. All VRA International Cooperation activities reports will be consolidated together with the concertation meetings outcome in the Deliverable D2.1 Report on VRA Network, which will be updated yearly.

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