Trilateral Automation WG on Road Vehicle Automation

Trilateral Automation WG on Road Vehicle Automation

Date/Time: 10/01/2014 09:00 - 17:00

Location: Washington DC

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This is a regular meeting of the Trilateral Automation WG on Road Vehicle Automation. The Trilateral WG is composed of EU, US and Japanese official representatives and selected expert to support the discussions. From European side, VRA provides the support to the EU officials.

The Tri-Lateral Group focuses on automated operation involving all road users, within a connected environment, for broad information sharing and focused collaboration across the regions.

The working group will exchange and discuss views and perspectives on relevant topics in the area of vehicle and road transport automation that apply to the role of public authorities with all stakeholders, to disseminate the state-of-the art and to define needs for harmonization and standardization in order to  support international developments and deployment.

The working group is focused on connected automation as a mean of achieving maximum benefits in safety, mobility and environmental impacts.

  • Goal of the cooperation:  Identify, research, quantify, and evaluate applications that would improve the operation of Connected Road Vehicle Automation
  • Objective of the cooperation: Coordinate research on the development of Connected Road Vehicle Automation technologies and concepts that facilitate deployment and market uptake

Specific objectives of this meeting:

Friday 10 January

  1. Review of agenda – notes from last meeting
  2. Q&A on mission statement
  3. Status from US/JPN/EU
  4. Short overview of VRA support action
  5. Purpose and status of the wiki
  6. Discussion and decision on Use Cases
  7. Breakout groups on specific cooperation areas
  8. Report from the break-outs
  9. Next steps and meetings
  10. AOB


The EU representation consists of EU officials from DG CONNECT, DG RTD and DG MOVE, as well as a small group of experts partners of VRA and/or members of the iMobility Forum Automation Working Goup. Please express your interest by sending an email to


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