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Full Name: TRL – Transport Research Laboratory

TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) is one of the largest and most comprehensive independent centres working in transport in the world. For more than 80 years it has developed research-based technical knowledge enabling clients to obtain a better understanding of transport problems, improve value for money and generate competitive advantage.

TRL works with governments and international funding institutions to set standards for highway and vehicle design, formulate policies on road safety, improve transport and the environment, and encourage good traffic engineering practice.

TRL employs around 300 technical professionals, including engineers, mathematicians, physicists, psychologists, geologists, computer experts and statisticians. Facilities include state of the art driving simulators, impact test facilities, a test track, a separate self-contained road network, large structural testing facilities and a vast range of mobile test equipment and vehicles. The company prides itself on its record for delivering projects that meet client’s quality, delivery and cost targets.

TRL’s breadth of expertise and facilities, with world acknowledged independence, provides clients with a knowledge based capability across the whole transport field, and brings the multi-disciplinary approach needed to generate effective solutions.

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