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Full Name: TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CRETE. TRAMAN21 – Traffic Management for the 21st Century

TRAMAN21 (2013-2017) is an ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Investigator Grant hosted by the Technical University of Crete (Chania, Greece).

The main objective of TRAMAN21 is to develop the foundations and first steps that will pave the way towards a new era of future motorway traffic management research and practice, which is indispensable in order to accompany, complement and exploit the evolving VACS deployment. TRAMAN21 assesses the relevance of VACS for improved traffic flow and develops specific options for a sensible upgrade of the traffic conditions, particularly at the network’s weak points.

The proposed work comprises the development of new traffic flow modelling and control approaches, on the basis of appropriate methods from many-particle Physics, Automatic Control and Optimisation, to consider and exploit the novel vehicle capabilities at a network-wide level. A field trial is included, aiming at a preliminary testing and demonstration of the developed concepts.

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