Full Name: INRIA – Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique

INRIA is the French public-sector scientific and technological organisation specialized in ICt. The research carried out at INRIA brings together experts from the fields of computer science and applied mathematics covering the following areas: Networks and Systems, Software Engineering and Symbolic Computing, Man-Machine Interaction, Image Processing, Data Management, Knowledge Systems, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems. INRIA is widely recognized in France as a leader in the creation of start-ups in the field of ICT (more than 50).

The department IMARA has been involved over the last 15 years in the application of Information and Communication Technologies in the field of ITS. IMARA has participated in numerous European research programmes in this field such as Carsense, DIATS, Stardust, Cybercars, CyberMove, REACT, NetMobil, CyberCars2, CityMobil, HAVEit and DESERVE.

INRIA will act as the representative for the JRU (Joint Research Unit) LaRA encompassing Inria and Mines ParisTech, a top level engineering school in France and its research organisation Armines.

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