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The Institute for Software Systems in Technical Applications (FORWISS) at the University of Passau provides expertise in image and signal processing, optical measurement algorithms, 3D-printing applications as well as in driver assistance systems, especially for environmental perception. The wide range of our projects empowers us to provide a realworld
solution to client-specific problems based on fundamental and cutting-edge research in cooperation with industry partners.

The group has successfully completed a large number of projects on national and European level including Ko-PER and several IP sub-projects within PreVENT and interactIVe. We cooperate with a wide range of major players in the automotive field. Within the area of environmental perception our research focuses on vehicle sensor data fusion and data  enhancement as well as modules for automatic driving. Our algorithms for vehicle self-localization, road boundary  detection and generation of compact high precision maps were recently demonstrated at the Ko-PER and interactIVe final events.

Main research focus:
  • generation of high-precision maps (fast algorithms, accuracy)
  • vehicle self-localization based on landmarks
  • road boundary detection
  • Successful partnerships
  • German Automotive projects: Ko-PER
  • EU IP projects: PreVENT, interactIVe
  • cooperations with major players on the automotive market

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