VRA in Brief

VRA – Vehicle and Road Automation is a support action funded by the European Union to create a collaboration network of experts and stakeholders working on deployment of automated vehicles and its related infrastructure.

The VRA project is considered as the cooperation interface between EC funded projects, international relations and national activities on the topic of vehicle and road automation.

VRA is financed by the European Commission DG CONNECT and coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe.

It aims to:
  • Maintain an active European network of Vehicle and Road Automation experts and stakeholders
  • Contribute to EU-US-Japan international collaboration on Vehicle and Road Automation
  • Identify deployment needs for the different domains of Vehicle and Road Automation
  • Promote the European Research on Vehicle and Road Automation through an innovative set of dissemination tools
VRA will address the identified deployment needs from different perspectives: the deployment scenarios, the legal and regulatory needs and finally the standardisation and certification requirements.

VRA spins off from the iMobility Forum Automation Working Group discussions in order to build together an open network to support the deployment of Vehicle and Road Automation over Europe and beyond. While the iMobility Forum Automation WG provides for future research needs and recommendations for the EC, the VRA support action is gathered past and current activities to feed and motivate these needs.

VRA is financed by the European Commission DG CONNECT Unit H5 “Smart Cities & Sustainability”.

VRA is coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe, and supported by key stakeholders in Europe.

Project acronym: VRA

Project name: Support action for Vehicle and Road Automation network

Project type: Coordination and Support Action

Programme: 7th Framework Programme

Project Coordinator: Maxime Flament, ERTICO – ITS Europe

Consortium: 11 direct partners from 9 EU member states

Start date: 1 July 2013

End date: December 2016

Budget: €1,685,000

Funding: €1,319,000

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