abertis autopistas


Full Name: abertis autopistas

abertis is the Spanish leader in the tollroads sector. It directly manages more than 1,500 kilometres of tollroads, covering 59% of all the country’s tollroads, via the operators acesa, invicat, aumar, iberpistas, aucat, castellana, aulesa and avasa.

abertis also has a minority stake in several tollroads and tunnels concessions with a total of 245 kilometres: Autema and Ciralsa. Also plays an active role in Accesos de Madrid and Henarsa, concessions companies which manage several access routes to Madrid City.

In 2012, abertis, in a consortium with BTG Pactual, has been awarded the concession of Vallvidrera and Cadi Tunnels, for a period of 25 years.


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